8-page Newspaper Supplement on Coffs Harbour Airport

In addition to being a web copywriter and SEO specialist, I am also a freelance journalist. One project that I’ve worked on in that capacity in recent weeks has just been published, and doesn’t it look great!

The project saw me researching and writing 16 stories for an 8-page sponsored newspaper supplement about the Coffs Harbour Regional Airport. The supplement was delivered as a wrap-around to today’s Coffs Coast Independent newspaper which is delivered door to door in the Coffs Coast area.

coffs-airport-supplementFor this project, I’ve worked closely with the Airport Manager and have interviewed more than a dozen people, done a lot of research and spent many mornings and afternoons touring and hanging around the Coffs Harbour Airport.

Click on the image on the right to open the PDF and read the stories. I have written everything in the supplement except the Mayor’s and GM’s forewords.

Please note that I have reduced the quality of the images to reduce the file size from 13MB to 1.4MB, but it’s the text that I want to show you anyway.

I have learned a lot about our airport and I hope the supplement gets read by a lot of locals who may not be fully aware of all the great facilities we have here.

I have tried to write it in a friendly, casual way with some personal stories rather than a boring corporate spiel with lots of facts and figures. This way it’s easier to read and hopefully gets through to more people.

If you are interested in my services as a freelance journalist, please contact me via my Content Writer website.

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