Content Writing: Answering website visitors’ main questions

Writing content for websites is never the same. I deal with completely different clients with completely different requirements and preferences and write about completely different subject matters. What I like about my job is that I learn so much about such a varied range of topics and industries.

One thing that all my website copywriting projects have in common, is that I approach things as if I were my client’s customer, the visitor to their website. I think “If I came to this website, what would I want to know, do,  buy or find out?” 

Then I make sure I write clear and concise copy that answers the most important questions and highlights the main benefits of the company’s products or services to the customer. This is especially important on the homepage or other main landing pages that people may come to straight from search engines or online ads.

Most people who click on a website take just a couple of seconds to see if they can find what they’re looking for. If not, they leave. And you lose a potential client.

One of my recent clients was, a new service that lets company managers and supervisors create staff rosters and shift schedules online. All employees get a log-in and enter their availability for the coming week or weeks. The software automatically sorts it and presents it in an easy format for the supervisor, who only needs to shuffle things around a bit to create a new staff roster – in just a few minutes.

RosterPortal also acts as an internal communication tool, like a staff intranet. To make things even easier, the online staff roster software can send email and SMS alerts to staff with new rosters.

Why would people be interested in something like this?” I asked myself and my client.

The answers: Because they’re going crazy doing things manually, trying to sort out everyone’s availability and creating a roster that suits everyone. Staff forgetting to say they’re away. Spending another hour or so shifting things around. People not being aware of a new roster.

In short, their main problems are:

1) they’re not being efficient
2) they’re losing valuable time (and time is money), and
3) a lot of people are constantly annoyed.

So I made sure the website content clearly explains that using RosterPortal solves those problems. Hopefully people reading it will think – “I need this program! Where do I sign up?” And to make that task as easy as possible, there are various obvious links to a free 1-month trial.

I wrote search engine optimised content for RosterPortal’s five main pages, while the client itself will be adding further information such as FAQs, help files and tutorials.

That brings me to this point: Some people may think they need to hire me to write or edit the content of their entire website. Although that is ideal (for maximum success, consistency, continuity and individually optimised pages), you can hire me as your SEO website copywriter for as few or as many pages as you like or your budget allows. Or do things in stages, starting with just your Home and About us pages, for instance.

Need professional, persuasive website content for your website? Written not from YOUR point of view but from that of your potential customers – so they like (and understand) what they read and ultimately buy from you or get in touch with you?

Contact me, SEO web copywriter Micky Stuivenberg, via my Content Writer website to discuss what you need and get a cost estimate for your project.

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