I’m now a Tutor at Search Engine College

I was recently asked to become a part-time online Tutor at the well established Search Engine College. I have now started in that role and am really enjoying it!

I currently tutor about half a day per week, mostly grading student assignments, which I do on top of my regular work writing and editing copy and doing SEO and websites for clients.

Search Engine College is a respected international company that offers short self-study and certification courses in Search Engine Optimisation and related disciplines.

I have taken six of their courses myself and have been a Certified Search Engine Optimiser since January 2008.

Search Engine College founder Kalena Jordan announced my appointment in her Ask-Kalena blog at the end of April 2009.

The SEO and search engine marketing courses are flexible, easy to follow and incredibly useful for getting a good grasp of how to make websites successful. Should you be interested, check out the range of courses available on the Search Engine College website.

If you’d like someone to help you optimise your website so it will rank better and you’ll get more visitors and potential customers, feel free to contact me, SEO Content Writer Micky Stuivenberg, to discuss what I can do for you or visit my website first.

[Post-script 2015: I remained a tutor for Search Engine College for 5 years, until 31 December 2014.]

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