Rewriting Ebook with Interview Tips for Executives

I realised I haven’t blogged about a work project for quite some time – probably because I’ve been so busy trying to meet deadlines that I simply haven’t allowed myself the time for it.

One interesting project I recently finished was rewriting an Ebook for Kylie Hammond Executive Search & Coaching Group.

Cover page of Kylie Hammond's Ebook I restructured and rewroteThe Australian-based but internationally operating firm helps top executives find and secure suitable employment and places top talent with blue-chip and other reputable companies in Australia and overseas.

Kylie Hammond engaged my services to restructure and rewrite a complimentary Ebook the fim has been giving away on its site for free for a while: The Executive Candidate Survival Guide.

The brief was to combine the content from this Ebook with the content from another one (Interview Preparation for Executives), restructure the content into clearer and more logical sections, remove repetition, elaborate on parts that were too brief, add some new information to it and rewrite/edit the copy in order to use one consistent voice and writing style throughout the Ebook.

I also made the tone a bit more casual than the previous version of the Ebook, which was written in more of a corporate writing style.

I really enjoyed being able to improve the document and giving it a logical structure as well as adding meaningful headings and subheadings to the relevant sections.

Scannability (making sure the structure and layout of the document enables readers to quickly scan the pages to find out what they’re about and if they want, skip to the section that’s most relevant to them) is something that is equally important with web content as it is with the copy in Ebooks. That’s also why I added a Contents page with clickable section titles – to make things as quick and easy as possible for busy readers.

The new Ebook, which has expanded to about 40 pages, contains valuable tips and suggestions by top executive search consultant Kylie Hammond and résumé writing expert Tom Hannemann on résumé writing, job interviews and salary negotiations. The Ebook is targeted at executive-level job candidates but many of the tips are equally valuable to other job searchers in the professional job market.

Kylie Hammond offers a wide range of professional career management services and of course the Ebook also contains explanations about and links to some of those services, such as hiring a professional résumé writer or getting interview coaching, to help executive canditates get a competitive edge and secure the position they are applying for.

So should you be wondering whether I can help you write your Ebook, the answer is yes, I most definitely can. I have worked on a few Ebooks for clients in the past year or so and would be happy to help you with yours. Just contact me, Micky Stuivenberg of Triple W Communications, via my Content Writer website and we’ll take it from there.


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