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New SEO website for Tennis Ball Manufacturer

This is a project I completed a few weeks ago and that I’m very pleased with. I created an entirely new website, wrote all the content and did the on-site SEO for Tensindo Sports.

Tensindo is a tennis ball manufacturer, producing its own ITF-approved TENS tennis balls as well as tennis balls for other brands (that are very well known but can’t be named).

Tensindo’s old website was done entirely in Flash, had little content that was difficult to read (in little frames with scrollbars within the Flash file) and was not optimised at all. It was a real challenge trying to find their website via search engines. You wouldn’t find them at all if you typed any of their product names in Google.


No, I won’t write your 500-word SEO article for $5

Apparently there are people out there willing to write articles or web content for peanuts. (Where, you ask? Mostly likely in India, the offshore bulk content capital of the world.)

Before I put a “rates” page on my website, I used to get a lot of emails with requests for quotes from people who were obviously looking to get the most content for the absolute cheapest price.

Since content has become king, you can almost divide website owners/managers into two categories:


08/08/08 – Auspicious day to start my new Web Copywriting business!

7 August 2008:
It’s almost 08/08/08… my very last day working for Coffs Harbour City Council and the official start of my new Content Writer business.

True, I have been writing content and creating websites ‘on the side’ ever since I learned to hand-code HTML back in 1999.

But this is the first time I’m going to be doing this officially as part of our own company (Triple W Communications) and fulltime!

Having spent 8 years in South-East Asia, I’m very aware that 08/08/08 is considered an incredibly auspicious date. So my business will be a great success!

I am a positive person and I just know there will be enough work and I will love working from home and having more flexibility and time to enjoy beautiful, subtropical Coffs Harbour.

New Content Writer website launched December 2007

I created the first version of my Content Writer website in December 2007 and put it online to ‘test the market’ and work on my search engine rankings.

The website resulted in plenty of enquiries and projects so I quit my day job around six months later and officially started working as a full-time freelance web copywriter and consultant in August 2008.

This blog post is just a reminder of how and when it all began. I don’t plan on going back to working for a boss (other than myself) ever.