Talk on Social Media Marketing for Coffs Coast Business Women

Are you a business woman in Coffs Harbour or the surrounding Coffs Coast area?  Interested in finding out more about using social media marketing to build connections and help promote your business?

Then you should come to the next Coffs Coast Business Women’s Network event on 4 August 2011, where I’ll talk about the best ways to use social media for small businesses.

Details of event:Coffs Coast Business Women's Network logo

  • Coffs Coast Business Women’s Network
    Monthly networking event
  • Social Media Marketing
    Presentation by Micky Stuivenberg
  • Date: Thursday 4 August 2011
  • Time: 7.00am – 8.30am
  • Venue: Opal Cove Resort, Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
  • Tickets: $35.00 includes breakfast and all money raised goes to charity

GET YOUR TICKET HERE by close of business Tuesday 2 August 2011.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you taking full advantage yet of the power of social media marketing for your business?
  • Do you blog?
  • Is your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn?
  • Should it be?
  • If so, which networks should you choose?
  • And how do you get the most out of it in as little time as possible (because everyone is busy)?

I think it’s disappointing to see that so many local businesses aren’t clued in yet to social media marketing and are simply ignoring it. I welcome the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions and share some good ways of using social media to benefit your business.

In my presentation, I will take you through the ins and outs of social media marketing for business using real-life examples. I’ll share valuable tips on the best ways of getting maximum exposure to your target audience on Twitter and Facebook in particular.

The talk will only be short but there will be an opportunity to ask questions. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know after the talk or send me an email, as I may be conducting more in-depth workhops soon. I am also available for one-on-one social media consulting and training.

Find out more about me, Micky Stuivenberg, on my Content Writer website. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, I look forward to connecting with you there! Follow me on Twitter or Like my business (Triple W Communications/Content Writer) on Facebook.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Micky,
    I enjoyed your presentation last Thursday at the BWN breakfast. If I had a question it would be:
    Would you invest and if YES how much? with FB advertising. I am unsure of the sponsorship part. I have the business Married By Sam (a wedding Celebrant) and am in the process of having my website constructed. I use my FB page to put wedding sayings/slogans and You Tube wedding vids on it to get the interest going. I have 53 like!
    Thanks again and I took away the Twitter etiquette and that I am correct on FB by having my page off my personal page…very informative!!!

    • Micky says:

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to hear you found my talk so informative.

      With Facebook advertising, I think it’s a matter of trying to target your audience as well as you can (and you can be quite specific in narrowing down your target market with Facebook ads), trying out different approaches to see what works for you and staying within a set budget.

      As for the content you post on your Facebook Page, rather than only posting wedding sayings, try to also post updates that are more engaging and that invite your followers to respond and interact. Ask questions, for example. When your followers interact with your Page, there’s a bigger chance of your updates appearing higher up in their news stream and for your followers’ friends to notice your Page too.

      With your particular business, most people would only need a wedding celebrant once so I think for you it’s very important your website and SEO are effective and perhaps the community building may be less effective than for some other types of businesses (e.g. restaurants, shops, etc. that have repeat customers). But social media activity is always good, and it’s great you already have 53 followers. All the best with your business and your social media marketing.