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Coffs Harbour Jetty Harbourside brochure 2011 cover imageI love writing about destinations and things to do and see. I’ve worked for a travel magazine before and been involved in travel websites for more than a decade. In my current job, I’m lucky to regularly get copywriting jobs for tourism destinations, attractions and places to stay.

There’s no destination I know better and have written more about than Coffs Harbour and the surrounding Coffs Coast on the beautiful North Coast of New South Wales. This is where I’ve lived since 2005 and it’s a wonderful part of the world.

The Coffs Harbour Jetty is the city’s most popular suburb and encompasses the harbour, marina and the historic jetty (pier) it’s named after.

This suburb is currently being rebranded as an urban village with the name “Jetty Harbourside”. It really is like a seaside village but it has everything you need plus it’s just 3 minutes by car from the Coffs Harbour City Centre and 5 minutes from the airport.

I love “my” Jetty suburb and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to write the copy for a new brochure promoting the Jetty Harbourside village to both visitors and locals.

My personal top 3 favourite things about the Jetty Harbourside:

  1. Great walks with good chances to see wildlife
  2. Gorgeous harbour and ocean views
  3. Plenty of casual cafés with al fresco seating.

The brochure/guide will be made available at shops, businesses, hotels and tourist attractions around Coffs Harbour, but I’ve uploaded the PDF of the brochure here for you to have a look.

For more information about the destination, visit CoffsCoast.com.au, the official Coffs Harbour visitor information website.

If you need a professional copywriter for your project (e.g. brochure or website, not just travel-related!), check out my print copywriting and web copwriting services and contact me, Micky Stuivenberg, for a quote.

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