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Hi, my name is Micky Stuivenberg. Content Writer is my website. And my company is called Triple W Communications.

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Micky Stuivenberg

I’m a professional copywriter, web content specialist, website/SEO consultant, journalist and editor.

Content Writer Micky Stuivenberg I know you’re busy, so here are some quick facts about me:

  • Co-owner and Director of Triple W Communications, a boutique international web communications agency.
  • Full-time freelance web copywriter/consultant since 2008 (when I first launched the Content Writer website).
  • All-round communications specialist with over 25 years of international work experience.
  • Worked in print media, online journalism, advertising, marketing communications and public relations.
  • Certified Search Engine Optimiser and former SEO Tutor at Search Engine College.
  • BA in Communication & Media Management.
  • Lived and worked in 6 different countries on 4 continents.

Over the years, I’ve produced and written quality content for a large variety of reputable business, news, travel, software company and government websites from different countries.

They include the global Philips website, The Straits Times newspaper website in Singapore, the Coffs Coast NSW tourism site and Coffs Harbour City Council site, among many others.

Drawing on my international background, I can just as easily write your web content in Australian English as in British English, American English or a neutral kind of ‘international English’ that is understood everywhere.

I continuously work on keeping my skills and knowledge up to date by following industry leaders and through research, newsletters and courses.

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Content Writer

While Triple W Communications is the official name of my business, Content Writer is the online brand name and website I use to market my content, copywriting, editing and web/SEO consulting services.

I launched this business on 08/08/08 after identifying a lack of professional marketing copywriters in Australia with sound knowledge of websites and SEO.

My specialty:
Writing professional copy for small business websites that improves their visibility in search engines (via SEO), keeps visitors on the site longer (via clear, structured, well-written content) and converts more visitors into customers (via persuasive sales messages and strong calls to action).

I also provide website reviews and customised advice and web/SEO/social media training and consulting services.

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Triple W Communications

Triple W Communications Pty Ltd is an Australian registered private company based in beautiful Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast.

ABN (Australian Business No.): 93 118 085 644

I own and run the company together with my husband Menno Berndsen, who originally set it up in 1999 in Singapore, where we lived at that time.

While the company started out developing websites and software applications for websites, over the past decade our focus has shifted to consulting clients across the globe on making their websites more effective – via sensible SEO strategies, usability reviews and clear, persuasive web content.

Triple W Communications can now best be described as a boutique web agency specialising in online communications for small and medium-sized businesses and organisations.

We work for clients all around Australia and the world.

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