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Content Marketing:

Writing blog posts, articles, newsletters

Blog posts and online articles can be very effective tools to draw more visitors to your website and get people to share your content. Most small businesses publish blog posts and articles as part of their content marketing and SEO efforts.

Rich, relevant and fresh content can help establish you as an authoritative source on a certain topic and attract more links and traffic (from potential customers) to your site.

Most online marketing specialists advise their clients to regularly add blog posts to their website. Whether you’re a small local business, a medium-sized organisation or a large brand or corporation, if you don’t use blogging for your business, you’re missing the boat. Don’t you want your content to reach more prospects?

Blog Posts & Articles

Blog posts should be informative, entertaining, educational or otherwise engaging. They’re not meant to be used for straight sales copy.

You can use blog posts to to discuss relevant ideas or industry news, explain how things work, or answer common customer questions, for example.

The goal of a blog post is to pique people’s interest and impress them with your knowledge. It’s always great when readers find the post so useful they share it on their preferred social media network – which they’re much likelier to do if the post isn’t too promotional. It’s a bonus if they decide to leave a comment or get in touch with you to find out more. At the very least, the blog post should leave a good impression and strengthen your reputation.

Can’t write your blog posts yourself? Let me help. You can hire me to write appealing blog posts and articles for you that are interesting and optimised for search engines. I spend the necessary time to write a quality piece of content that will help your overall content marketing strategy.

No bulk writing

Here’s what I DON’T do: I do not write quick, meaningless blog posts in bulk for a low price. If you only care about SEO keywords and not about quality writing and insightful content, please look elsewhere. You should only contact me if you are interested in well-researched, well-written, quality blog posts or articles created by a professional web copywriter.

E-Newsletters & Sales Emails

Draw people to your website with a regular, well-written email newsletter.

A good way to get people to visit and revisit your website – and keep them up to date with your products and services – is to send out newsletters by email with links back to your site for more details or to read the full story.

  • Start a database with names and email addresses (obtained legally!) of people interested in your company, organisation, products or services.
  • Let people subscribe on your website. Perhaps offer an incentive, a free e-book, a chance to win something, or a discount.
  • Keep those subscribers informed. Send out regular e-newsletters targeted directly at people already interested in what you offer.

E-newsletters should be kept relatively short, as people won’t read long emails. Provide a link to the page on your website where people can find out more.

Don’t have the time, the talent or the inspiration to write your own e-newsletters? I can write them for you.

With lots of newsletter writing experience, I know what’s required to make them a success.

I’m also available to help you write one-off sales emails for a specific purpose. I can help you get your message through clearly and cut through the noise in people’s inboxes.

Get in touch now to find out how I may be able to help you with your blog posts, articles, newsletters or emails. 

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