Dedicated SEO copywriter for websites – should you use one?

A copywriter is a copywriter… right? Wrong! A copywriter specialising in print copywriting such as brochures doesn’t necessarily have the skills and knowledge needed to be a good copywriter for websites.

Sure, a ‘normal’ copywriter knows how to write a good piece of text that’s engaging and persuasive. But website copywriting involves a lot more than that.

A good website copywriter (in addition to writing good copy and understanding marketing):

  • knows all the tricks to writing specifically for the web,
  • knows how people behave online and how best to target and engage them,
  • stays up to date with the latest best practices for websites and web content,
  • is skilled and experienced in SEO and knows how to optimise web content in a natural way,
  • ideally is also able to advise you on other matters relating to your website, such as design and usability.

These are just a few of the things you should expect from your web copywriter.

My name is Micky Stuivenberg. I’m an experienced website copywriter and content specialist. I’m also a web content editor, website consultant and certified Search Engine Optimiser.

Is your website not getting many visitors? Or are they leaving as soon as they arrive? Or maybe you have a new website but aren’t sure about the content.

Let me help you write your website content to make sure you’re using the right words and formats to get found in search engines, attract visitors, give them the information they want and convert them into customers.

I have been writing for the web since 2000 (see about me or portfolio) and know exactly what’s involved.

Don’t spend any more time struggling, let’s discuss what I can do for you. Let’s get you some structured, logical, optimised, well-written and easy to read website content! Contact me.

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