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10 Reasons I Won’t Follow You Back on Twitter

Of all the social media networks, Twitter is my favourite. 

Whenever I’m at my computer, I have Tweetdeck open with column after column of categorised lists of people I follow and saved keyword searches for easy reference. Not just for myself, but also for a number of clients I tweet for. I also regularly check Twitter on my phone.

Personally, I use it mostly to discover interesting content, read breaking news and talk to my peers. That’s what I am getting from it. Because I work alone, Twitter has become my virtual water cooler. A place where I love to hang out.

Twitter egghead profile - why would I follow you back?I’m also giving back in the form of sharing interesting blog posts, developments and other little tidbits and anecdotes some of my followers may find interesting, as well as interacting with my favourite tweeps, responding to their tweets and sharing their posts.

I’m slightly fascinated by the number of followers I’ve built up over the years, but numbers are just that – numbers – and I would never do anything to try to artificially inflate them.

I don’t believe in following everyone back who follows me. That simply makes no sense to me. I only follow people whose tweets I tend to find interesting or useful.

Here are 10 reasons I won’t follow you back on Twitter:


Social Media Marketing Presentation – Available Online

I’m passionate about helping small business owners or employees improve the online presence of their business.

Social media marketing plays an increasingly large role in marketing your business online.

Unfortunately, there are still many people in business that don’t quite know where to start with Facebook, Twitter and other social media marketing channels. Or they’ve started and are stuck – not knowing how to make the most of social media for their business.

On 4 August 2011, I gave a presentation about social media marketing for businesses to about 100 women at an event organised by the Coffs Coast Business Women’s Network in Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia.


Talk on Social Media Marketing for Coffs Coast Business Women

Are you a business woman in Coffs Harbour or the surrounding Coffs Coast area?  Interested in finding out more about using social media marketing to build connections and help promote your business?

Then you should come to the next Coffs Coast Business Women’s Network event on 4 August 2011, where I’ll talk about the best ways to use social media for small businesses.

Details of event:Coffs Coast Business Women's Network logo

  • Coffs Coast Business Women’s Network
    Monthly networking event
  • Social Media Marketing
    Presentation by Micky Stuivenberg
  • Date: Thursday 4 August 2011
  • Time: 7.00am – 8.30am
  • Venue: Opal Cove Resort, Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
  • Tickets: $35.00 includes breakfast and all money raised goes to charity

Helping Small Businesses Embrace Social Media

How often do you read or hear something like this: “Social media is a MUST for business these days.” Or: “Your business NEEDS to be on Twitter and Facebook!”

Social Media Marketing: Facebook & Twitter for business. SM Consultant: Micky Stuivenberg, Coffs Harbour NSWHardly a day goes by without seeing another story about the importance of social media and the need for businesses to be active on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Almost all speakers at business networking events tell their audience they would be fools to ignore the power of social media. In fact, I went to an ETC Business Leaders event in Coffs Harbour just yesterday (17 May 2011) where David Koch (“Kochie”) reminded the more than 300 business people in the room they needed to be on Twitter and Facebook if they’re serious about their business.

And I agree. Most businesses can benefit greatly from social media interaction. But only if you know what you’re doing, otherwise it can be a waste of your time.