Focus on Only 2 SEO Keyword Phrases per Web Page

Sometimes, website owners want their website (mostly their homepage) to rank well for so many different SEO keyword phrases that there is no focus and in the end, the website doesn’t rank well for any of them.

My tips for focusing your SEO keywords so they’re more effective:

  • Start out with a long list of all possible keyword phrases and combinations you think are relevant for your website.
  • Do your keyword research so you can put them in order of the best ones to target and delete the ones that won’t be worth your trouble.
  • Don’t forget to check out the competition. If your desired keyword is very generic and very popular, there will be millions of sites you’ll be competing with, so choose your keywords wisely – often keyword phrases of 2, 3 or even 4 words are most effective.
  • Select no more than 2 keyword phrases per web page to really focus on. And make sure you choose different keywords for each page. If you optimise different pages for the exact same keyword phrase, you’ll dilute the strength of each of those pages. Sometimes one keyword phrase will do the trick. Other times you may be able to target 3 short ones.
  • Reserve the most important keywords for your Homepage. These should cover your main or most popular products/services and if you’re a local business, your general location as well (using the location terms people tend to use for a local search in your area).
  • Keep a list of all your targeted keyword phrases and the corresponding pages on your site you have optimised for those keywords.
  • Optimise each of your pages for their different targeted keyword phrases.
  • Try to get back links from reputable websites to your most important pages (not just your homepage), linking from topically relevant sites or pages to each of your pages.

One example of a website that I’ve recently helped by creating more focused website content for the homepage is a Phoenix real estate company in the US that lists lots of Arizona homes for sale. In a market that is incredibly competitive, it’s important to really focus your keywords. With Phoenix and Tucson real estate being the company’s major offerings, these are the phrases the homepage has been optimised for. Other keywords and real estate locations can be left to the site’s inside pages.

Bottom line: it’s important not to try to optimise one web page for too many different keywords. Because Title tags are so important and they can’t be long, it’s impossible to include too many exact keyword phrases anyway.

So focus on about 2 SEO keyword phases per page and then really optimise each page for their targeted terms (but don’t OVER-optimise it either – keyword spamming is an absolute no-no!)

I can help you if you’ve lost focus – or if you’re just not sure about the SEO keywords to target, or how to best optimise your website for your keywords. Find out more on my SEO content page of my website or contact me with your enquiry.

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