Guest Post on Canada’s largest Internet Marketing Blog

In March this year I was honoured to be invited to submit an article as a guest blogger to Canada’s largest internet marketing company, Search Engine People. My first guest post was published on Search Engine People’s high-profile blog on April 5th 2011 and has received some great responses.

The article identifies common website performance problems and gives a checklist of potential causes and solutions.

Read my guest post on the Search Engine People Blog here: Website Performance Troubleshooting Checklist.

Why would you write a guest post for someone else’s blog?

Having informative, well-written guest posts published on blogs of other websites or companies is a great way to:

  • reach a different and potentially much larger audience;
  • help you make a name for yourself or your business in a certain industry;
  • get new followers on social media and expand your online networks;
  • get some quality links to your website which is good for SEO;
  • increase visits to your website, which may even result in new clients.

Personally, I don’t accept guest posts on this blog, because my blog is of a more personal nature. But if you have some great, unique ideas for blog posts and think they deserve a larger audience, try finding some niche blogs in relevant industries to see if they accept guest posts.

I hope to be able to submit some more guest posts to different blogs in the future, but as always, the main issue I have is finding the time to write them. I don’t update my own blog often enough as it is, due to never-ending work commitments and client deadlines. And I feel my own blog should still be my priority.

If you have any questions about guest blogging or other ways to help with your SEO, please contact me, international SEO web copywriter Micky Stuivenberg.

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