New SEO website for Tennis Ball Manufacturer

This is a project I completed a few weeks ago and that I’m very pleased with. I created an entirely new website, wrote all the content and did the on-site SEO for Tensindo Sports.

Tensindo is a tennis ball manufacturer, producing its own ITF-approved TENS tennis balls as well as tennis balls for other brands (that are very well known but can’t be named).

Tensindo’s old website was done entirely in Flash, had little content that was difficult to read (in little frames with scrollbars within the Flash file) and was not optimised at all. It was a real challenge trying to find their website via search engines. You wouldn’t find them at all if you typed any of their product names in Google.

I was provided with the company logo, some images and basic information on the company and each of their products.

Based on that, I created a clear & effective website with an external CSS file to keep the code in the pages to a minimum for SEO purposes.

I’ve optimised each page with unique title tags and keyword-rich, informative content.

I’ve also tried to make it very clear in the new website that there are two sides to Tensindo Sports (with different target markets):

  • they manufacture high quality tennis balls for other brands; and
  • they produce & market their own TENS brand tennis balls (same high quality, lower price).

The new website was uploaded last week and we’re now just waiting for Google to come by for a visit and index the new pages. Then the SEO testing can start. I can’t wait to see how they rank!

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