Content Writer’s professional New Year’s Resolutions for 2009

At the start of a new year, I’ve made a few resolutions – or really, a list of things I’m determined to do in 2009, career-wise.

They’re all related to my diverse profession as a copywriter, website consultant, search engine optimiser, content specialist, public relations consultant and freelance journalist.

  • After finishing an inspiring course run by wellknown journalist Valerie Khoo (SMH and other publications) of the Sydney Writers’ Centre, I’m determined to do more work as a freelance journalist in 2009. I’ve been a journalist before and have had my articles published, but not yet in Australia. This year, I’ll write more feature stories and WILL get some published in mainstream Australian publications!
  • I know that having testimonials on your website helps your business. I too like to read feedback from clients on other companies’ websites to get a better feel for the business and its products or services. So over the next few weeks/months, I’ll contact some of my clients who have already told me they’re very happy with my services and try to get a few paragraphs from them to put on my website on a new Testimonials page.
  • Starting a blog is a great idea. It lets you easily add fresh content to your website… if you post something new regularly, that is! I know I haven’t been blogging all that much yet, but this is also something that I’ll be trying to do in 2009: updating my blog more often.
  • I regularly get emails asking for quotes for certain website, SEO or copywriting projects. I email back and forth with these people to really understand their requirements, and carefully construct an email with a quote that’s well thought through. Sometimes, I don’t receive any response, and I imagine these people had contacted many businesses requesting quotes, and they just happened to have found another service provider. However, deep down I know I shouldn’t assume that. What if the project is on hold? What if they misplaced my quote? What if my explanations weren’t clear enough or my quote not detailed enough? I have decided I should and will follow up on quotes I send out if I haven’t heard back within, say, a week, just in case I can do anything else to convince the potential client that hiring me for their project is a great idea!
  • I live in Coffs Harbour on the East Coast of NSW, Australia, where I’ve been since early 2005. I love it here, our region is so beautiful! I often get frustrated by the lack of correct and up to date information available online about things to do and see in Coffs Harbour. Why isn’t all this available on the internet? Locals and visitors should be able to read about all those beautiful Coffs Harbour attractions and activities. So I’ve decided to start a blog to tell the world about our piece of paradise. My new blog is called ‘Things To Do In Coffs Harbour’ and is available at I’m not sure yet where I’ll find the time but I’m going to try to put up new topics every week (I’ve just launched it a few days ago so don’t expect much just yet…)
  • I’ve just found out there isn’t much available in terms of public relations providers in my area. In addition to my website, content, SEO, copywriting and journalism experience, I’ve also been involved in marketing communications and public relations. I know how to write an interesting media release that has a good chance of being picked up by the media rather than chucked in the bin. I’ve worked in the media myself too and know what’s expected. So that’s another area that I’m planning to target this year – public relations consultancy and the writing of media releases (press releases) for the regional market. Of course, I can and am happy to write media releases for businesses all over the world, but this is a niche that is easier to break into and I’m planning to create and optimise a special page on my website called Coffs Harbour public relations consultancy and media releases.

So there you have it, no fewer than 6 new year’s resolutions that I’ve set myself in order to make my Content Writer business (as part of Triple W Communications Pty Ltd) even more successful in 2009. I’ll report on the achievements of these targets throughout the year!

One Response

  1. Valerie Khoo says:

    Thanks for the mention Micky. You’re an excellent writer so I know you’ll be soaring as a freelance journalist in 2009! Best wishes, it was great to have you in the course.
    Valerie Khoo