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Dedicated SEO copywriter for websites – should you use one?

A copywriter is a copywriter… right? Wrong! A copywriter specialising in print copywriting such as brochures doesn’t necessarily have the skills and knowledge needed to be a good copywriter for websites.

Sure, a ‘normal’ copywriter knows how to write a good piece of text that’s engaging and persuasive. But website copywriting involves a lot more than that.

A good website copywriter (in addition to writing good copy and understanding marketing):


Content Writer’s professional New Year’s Resolutions for 2009

At the start of a new year, I’ve made a few resolutions – or really, a list of things I’m determined to do in 2009, career-wise.

They’re all related to my diverse profession as a copywriter, website consultant, search engine optimiser, content specialist, public relations consultant and freelance journalist.


Writing for the web – 10 basic tips

Writing for websites is different from any other kind of writing.

Visitors to websites don’t spend a lot of time reading text on a website. They quickly scan the page with their eyes and will leave in just seconds if they don’t see anything that interests them or that answers the question they had.

Web content has to ensure people quickly find what they’re looking for. They have to know immediately that they’ve come to the right page, otherwise you my have lost them forever.

Here are some important web writing tips to start with:


08/08/08 – Auspicious day to start my new Web Copywriting business!

7 August 2008:
It’s almost 08/08/08… my very last day working for Coffs Harbour City Council and the official start of my new Content Writer business.

True, I have been writing content and creating websites ‘on the side’ ever since I learned to hand-code HTML back in 1999.

But this is the first time I’m going to be doing this officially as part of our own company (Triple W Communications) and fulltime!

Having spent 8 years in South-East Asia, I’m very aware that 08/08/08 is considered an incredibly auspicious date. So my business will be a great success!

I am a positive person and I just know there will be enough work and I will love working from home and having more flexibility and time to enjoy beautiful, subtropical Coffs Harbour.